Gutter Guard And Accessories

LeafBlaster Pro

LeafBlaster Pro is our favorite gutter guard for protecting your gutters from pine needles. The stainless steel micro-mesh material protects against those pesky needles from clogging your system. Backed by its 40 year warranty, this product is a great addition to your house. Call us today to see if your house would be right for the LeafBlaster Pro.

Heat Cable

Heat trace cable is a wire cable that produces heat to warm your roof and gutters to melt snow and ice. The cable prevents build up of ice dams from occurring and causing major issues to your home. Intrawest uses the Drexan MultiTrace heat cable, a self regulating cable designed for roofs and gutters. As the temperature drops, this cable can produce heat up to 150 degrees, enough to melt snow and ice, but not enough to cause damage to your home.

Heat trace cable is a great solution for areas on roofs and gutters that do not receive direct sunlight and experience prolonged periods of snow and ice, which can potentially be dangerous to your home.